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15 Cheapest Colleges in Canada for International Students

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Canada is renowned for its high-quality education and diverse cultural landscape, making it a top destination for international students. However, studying abroad can be expensive, which is why finding affordable institutions is crucial. This article explores 20 of the most budget-friendly colleges in Canada for international students, providing insights into their programs, tuition fees, and application processes.

Here are detailed overviews of 15 of the cheapest colleges in Canada for international students, based on the information from Kiiky:

Algonquin College

Known for its low tuition and quality education, Algonquin College is a prime choice for international students. Students generally budget around CAD 12,000 yearly for tuition and books, with the tuition fee being about CAD 4,527 per term.

Bow Valley College

This college is recognized for its affordable tuition fees, ranging between $6,000 and CAD 11,234, excluding textbooks. It offers easy access to resources and a reliable student support system.

Camosun College

With a focus on innovation in business and management, Camosun College reserves 1,000 slots for international students annually. The average yearly tuition is about CAD 7,000

Fanshawe College (WE College)

Hosting campuses in various countries, including England, Fanshawe College offers tuition fees ranging from $13,623 to CAD 14,223 for international students. The college is known for its extensive programs and career services.

Georgian College

Offering admission to students from English-speaking countries without demanding proof of language proficiency, Georgian College’s tuition fees range from $13,845 to CAD 32,431, depending on the program.


Lambton College

Lambton College, one of the oldest colleges on the list, offers programs in various fields with tuition fees of around $7,000 CAD for international students.

Niagara College

Known for its affordable tuition fees, international students pay CAD 420 per credit hour. The college is popular for its quality education.

Lethbridge College

As the first college funded by the Canadian government, it offers a range of programs with international tuition fees from $6,000 to CAD 22,000.

Loyalist College

With tuition fees for international students at CAD 13,000, the college is known for its experienced staff and academic fulfillment.

Seneca College

Offering full-time and part-time programs, Seneca College’s tuition fee for international students is $13,000, with an additional application fee of CAD 65

Selkirk College

Established in 1966, Selkirk College charges CAD 4,900 per semester for undergraduate programs and $5,260 for postgraduate courses for international students.

Northern Lights College

Renowned for producing skilled personnel in oil and gas, the college charges international students CAD 295.05 per credit hour.

Humber College

Offering a wide range of courses, its tuition fees for international students vary from $7,000 to CAD 23,000, depending on the program【19†source】.St. Lawrence College: Known for its world-class education, the college charges international students between $15,300 to CAD 15,700 for certificate and diploma courses and CAD 15,700 for graduate programs

Sheridan College

Focused on professionalism, Sheridan College in Ontario charges an international tuition fee of CAD 7,200 per term.