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Supermetrics – How To Install, 9+ Best Features, And Uninstallation Guide

This article covers everything you need to know about the Supermetrics Google add-on. You will learn how to completely install the add-on in Google Sheet. You will also get to know some awesome features and a deep uninstallation guide.

This Google add-on is a free simple yet powerful tool that you can use to extend the functionalities of your Google Sheets. All you have to do is to follow the installation guide provided below to install in your Google Sheets.

Features of the Supermetrics

This add-on has got some awesome features that will allow users to perform additional functionalities.

a. Work with data that is both clean and unsampled, and that is ready to be analyzed and reported on.

b. Create your own reports and dashboards and have them emailed to your mailbox.

c. Automate your marketing reporting by setting monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly refreshes.

d. Pull data directly into Google Sheets

e. Aggregate data from your favorite marketing platforms.

f. Build custom reports.

g. Schedule automatic data refresh

h. Manage all your triggers in one place.

i. Has got over 30 free Google Sheets report templates.

Install Supermetrics In Google Sheet

Below are the steps on how to install:


a. Open the Google Sheet app on your PC.

b. On the Menu bar, locate and click on the “Add-ons” tab, and click on “Get Add-ons“.

c. Now on the Add-ons window, search for the “Supermetrics” add-on. Once the required add-on is shown up, click on the “FREE” button to start the installation process.

You will get a prompt to allow the app to have access to your Google account. In this case, you MUST have a Google account before you can proceed.

d. Scroll down and click on the “Allow” button to proceed. This will automatically integrate the add-on in the Google sheet. See the image below:

Supermetrics Allow

e. You’re finally done! This is how easy it is to install Supermetrics into your Google Spreadsheet.

You can also follow the second step below to do the same. In this case, we will be using the Google Workspace Marketplace.


To install the Attendance Tracker from the Google Workspace Marketplace, kindly follow these steps:

a. Go to Supermetrics

b. Click on the “Install” button.

c. Next, the Supermetrics will need your permission in order to start installing. Click on “Continue” as shown below.

d. Depending on your browser, you may want to scroll down a bit and click on the “Allow” for Attendance Tracker to have access to your Google account. This will give the app access to the following:

  • See, edit, create and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
  • Connect to an external service
  • Allow this application to run when you are not present
  • View and manage data associated with the application
  • See your primary Google Account email address
  • See your personal info, including any personal info you’ve made publicly available

See the image below:

Supermetrics Allow Lists

You’re done. This is how to install the Attendance Tracker in your Google Spreadsheet.

How To Uninstall Supermetrics

To uninstall Attendance Tracker from Google Sheet, follow these steps:

a. Locate and click on the “Add-ons” tab on the Google Sheet menu.

b. On the pop-up menu, click on “manage add-ons“. You would see the Supermetrics add-on with the label “Installed“.

c. Next, click on it to open up every detail about the add-on. Click on the “Uninstall” button right beside it.

d. Next, click on the “UNINSTALL APP” button to confirm the uninstallation of the app. Once successful, the “Install” button will be activated, indicating the completion of the uninstallation process. See the image below:

Supermetrics Uninstall

You’re finally done!!!

Google Sheets Tutorials

Check out more Google Sheets tutorials below:

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Top Platforms To Connect With Supermetrics

There are a lot of supported platforms you can connect Supermetrics with. Below include some of them:


 Adobe Analytics


 Apple App Store / iTunes

 Bing Webmaster Tools

 Facebook Ads

 Facebook Audience Network

 Facebook Insights

 Facebook Public Data

 Google Ad Manager

 Google Ads

 Google AdSense

 Google Analytics

 Google Search Console

 Google Trends


 Instagram Insights


 Microsoft Advertising

 Quora Ads




 TikTok Ads

 Tumblr Public Data

 Twitter Ads


In conclusion, these are the full details on how to install the Supermetrics, some awesome features, top platforms that support Support Supermetrics, an uninstallation guide, and a whole bunch of other relevant information. Get the latest on

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